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100 Heartbreaks

by Joanna Garner
groundswell | Winter 2015

"Director Jess Hutchinson makes great use of the site-specific staging, and the action is fluid whether it’s the band playing and teasing one another on stage or Charlane and the play’s bartender (Sean Moran) chatting it up over a whiskey offstage."

Jeanne Claire van Ryzin | Austin American Statesman
About This Production

With my groundswell co-artistic director Joanna Garner, I staged a workshop production of her honky-tonk play with music in the Sahara, an old-school Austin music venue. This was my first opportunity to collaborate on a play with music, and I was fortunate to work Peter Stopchinski, a genius musical director and Austin treasure as well as an excellent cast of musicians.


Learn more about the show - and listen to more samples of Joanna's music - here.

I'm Alright from 100 HEARTBREAKSJoanna Garner
photos by Roy Moore


Joanna Garner
Heath Allyn 
Eric Roach
Alexander Villarreal
Sean Moran
Robert Vignisson 

Collaborative Team

Music Director: Peter Stopchinski
Stage Manager: Joe Heike
Scenic Coordinator: Madison Russ
Lighting Designer: Rachel Atkinson

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