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381 Bleecker

by Gia Marotta
UT New Theatre Workshop | Spring 2016

About This Production

Included on The 2016 Kilroys List

Gia and I began collaborating on this piece at the New Harmony Project in the summer of 2015. The generosity of our hosts turned our observership through UT Austin into a workshop as we heard new pages aloud for the first time. For the next several months, I worked dramaturgically with Gia as she examined a variety of structures through which the story of sisters Meg and Ellen and the legacy of their brother Henry's battle with AIDS in 1980's New York City could best unfold. 

Two sets of actors play Meg and Ellen: one set portrays them from 1978 to 1990; the other 25 years in the future when the 2016 reality of real estate in Manhattan forces Meg to leave the apartment she's loved for 30 years. Ellen and her son, David, come to help Meg pack up her life and discover that the wounds created a quarter century ago have anything but healed.  

This play features complex, poetic, authentic roles for four actresses in two generations. It details a very personal struggle through a very particular time in America, and illuminates how far we've come in caring for one another, and also the epic distance we have yet to go. 

photos by Daniel Cavazos, Courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin​


Addie Alexander
Sarah Stuart
Tucker Martin
Brad Rizzo
Julia Baur
Ashton Fortune

Collaborative Team

Assistant Director: Kevin Poole
​Lighting Designer: Kate Ducey
Scenic & Projection Designer: Bruno-Pierre Houle
Costume Designer: E.L. Hohn
Sound Designer: Billy Henry
Stage Manager: Kamyle Smith
Assistant Stage Manager: Elise Peterson

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