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by Tom Stoppard
New Leaf Theatre | Spring 2012

"People who would like the show are people that like poetry, math, and embracing meat. Arcadia feels like you are actually time-traveling. When you feel like you are time-traveling, it is because you have a good director and good actors. People should go see this show because it is fun, makes you want to learn more things, and is bittersweet."

Ada Grey | Ada Grey Reviews for You

"FOUR STARS... Jessica Hutchinson’s handsome, well-paced production deftly lays out the dual timelines, with stellar work by a pitch-perfect ensemble keeping the plot—unlike the universe—from succumbing to entropy."

Kris Vire | Time Out Chicago

" Under the expert direction of Jessica Hutchison, past and present intermingle with subtle fluidity and heightened absurdity. Hutchison makes the 19th century cast elegantly droll while the modern-day ensemble go full-on snarky. The contrast engages and amuses." 

Katy Walsh | Chicago Theater Beat

"...a beguiling production under Jessica Hutchinson's direction with New Leaf Theatre."

Kerry Reid | Chicago Tribune

About This Production

New Leaf's final production was ambitious not just in the text we chose but in how we presented it as well. Before the show and at intermission, we featured tea and biscuits in the lobby where the audience had the opportunity to handle some of the key items featured in this beloved script. We wanted to experiment with the idea of immersive theatre being explored by companies like PunchDrunk and one step at a time like this to create a personal, environmental experience for our audience that continued through the actual scripted show. 

photos by Tom McGrath


Billy Fenderson
Dan Granata
Katie Griggs
Marsha Harman
Patrick King
Eric Lee
Scott Ray Merchant
Michael Mercier
Saren Nofs-Snyder
Hilary Williams
Joe Zarrow

Collaborative Team

Dialect Coach: Eva Breneman
Stage Manager: Amanda Frechette
Dramaturg: Jeffrey Gardner
Producer: Eleanor Hyde
Sound Designer: Nick Keenan
Production Manager: Marni Keenan
Scenic Designer: Michelle Lilly
Technical Director: Caleb McAndrew
Lighting Designer: Jared Moore
Asst. Scenic Designer: Alison Perrone
Assistant Director: Tamara Silverleaf
Costume Designer: Rachel Sypniewski

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