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Burying Miss America

by Brian Golden
New Leaf Theatre | Fall 2011

"FOUR STARS... Director Jessica Hutchinson moves the action with a skilled hand, highlighting the big moments while giving the in-betweens a playfulness that Harman and Evans take full advantage of." 

Ryan Dolley | Time Out Chicago

"Not a moment feels false in this New Leaf Theatre production…"

Zac Thompson | Chicago Reader

"RECOMMENDED... If ever there was a show in the right performance space, this is it." 

Zach Freeman | New City

About This Production

When Brian first sent me a draft of this play, I was enthralled by its beautiful, poetic, complex, and compelling unfolding of a brother and sister's difficult reunion at their mother's funeral. We worked together on a workshop reading for New Leaf's Treehouse Reading Series, where Brian made some of the most fearless revisions I've encountered during a short-process collaboration. Not only was I thrilled to dig further into the story and characters in our full production, this was also an opportunity for our collaborative team to realize a new level of transformation of our Lincoln Park Cultural Center home. 

photos by Tom McGrath

​Ted Evans

Marsha Harman

Collaborative Team

Stage Manager: Hannah Baker
Producer: Eleanor Hyde
Sound Designer: Nick Keenan
Production Manager: Marni Keenan
Scenic Designer: Michelle Lilly
Lighting Designer: Jared Moore
Costume Designer: Rachel Sypniewski

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