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Dead Man's Cell Phone

by Sarah Ruhl
UT Austin Mainstage | Spring 2014

About This Production

My first show on UT's mainstage was also my first opportunity to dive into the world of Sarah Ruhl. Leaning into Jean and Dwight's love of paper and the fairy-tale nature of Ruhl's text, the design team and I created a paper sketchbook set upon which commissioned sketches evocative of the emotional landscape in the play were projected. We were able to dive into each of the play's several locations fully and move between them quickly and elegantly. My cracker-jack cast - all undergraduate actors from UT - and I had a great deal of fun and good challenges delving into Ruhl's poetic, effervescent text. Also - this was my first crack at choreography: the cast and I worked together to create Ruhl's Cell Phone Ballet from scratch.

photos by Lawrence Peart, Courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin | additional photos by Patrick W. Lord


Maddrey Blackwood
Mackenzie Dunn
Tasha Gorel
Harrison Harvey
Merin Rogers
Joseph Wilson

Collaborative Team

Assistant Director: Caleb Britton
​ASM: Joseph Heike
Sound Designer: Jared LeClaire
Scenic Designer: Yongmin Lee
Projection Designer: Patrick W. Lord
Stage Manager: Colton Perry
Dramaturg: Selina Rosales
Costume Designer: Kelly Ruiz
Lighting Designer: Dawn M. Wittke

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