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14. The LIght Chasers at Know Theatre. Gabi Adams. Photo by Dan R. WInters Photography.jpg
The Light Chasers
based on the album by Cloud Cult

music & lyrics by Craig Minowa
book by Andrew Hungerford
story by Andrew Hungerford & Jess Hutchinson
Know Theatre of Cincinnati | Spring 2024​

"In a world just a few years from where we are now, it seems the emotional struggles we face as humans remain the same: grief, uncertainty, and – fortunately – love and hope. We all make mistakes; it is in putting the pieces back together that we learn how to…well, make different (and hopefully) better mistakes. But no matter what, we keep going."

Katrina "Kat" Reynolds - League of Cincinnati Theatres

"A must-see"

Noah Moore - League of Cincinnati Theatres

"The direction was especially tight and focused, with almost perfect pacing and clear storytelling."

Kirk Sheppard - The Sappy Critic

Teaser video beautifully filmed & created by CCM student Yodeet Nymberg

About This Production

A long-time friendship born on Twitter, a mutual love of the band Cloud Cult, and shared beliefs about what theater is for and how it should be made combined with a dream cast and creative team to make The Light Chasers a truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure. I was honored to co-direct this piece with Andrew and am so proud of the brand new rock musical about grief, friendship, family, and how endings can be new beginnings. 

More on the origin of this project in this lovely preview article in American Theatre, written by Rob Weinert-Kendt

About This Show

Teenage science whiz Nic is stuck on Earth with her practical mom while her beloved dreamer of a father is ten years into an improbable mission to the stars. Nic vows to defy what she’s always been told is possible to bridge lightyears, get a message to her dad, and reunite her family. 

This epic, world-premiere theatrical adventure based upon the album Light Chasers by indie orchestral-rock band Cloud Cult is a co-production between Know Theatre and UC CCM Acting, written by Know Producing Artistic Director Andrew Hungerford and developed with Chicago-based theatre maker Jess Hutchinson, who co-directs the show.

The Light Chasers is a music-fueled story about finding hope in a broken world and the galactic distances we’ll go to heal.

photos by Dan R. Winters Photography

Gabi Adams
Staylie Brunner
James Creque
Nico Graves 
Montez O. Jenkins-Copeland
Evan Kupersmith 
Carson Mehlbauer
Cassandra Reeves 
Sarah Summerwell 
Lilia Villaflor

Collaborative Team

Co-Directors: Jess Hutchinson & Andrew Hungerford
Movement Director: L. Lucia Duque
Orchestrator & Music Director: Rob Stark
Asst Directors: Becca Anderson & A.J. Baldwin
Scenic & Lighting Designer: Andrew Hungerford
Costume Designer: Noelle Wedig-Johnston
Sound & Projection Designer: Douglas Borntrager

Stargate Design: Brandon Johnston
Props Designer & Scenic Artist: Danielle Robison
Stage Manager: Grace Wohlschlegel
Technical Director: Jim Stark

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