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Lyla School

by Brian Kettler
UT New Theatre | Fall 2014

About This Production

Each year, UTNT showcases the work of UT's 3rd year MFA Playwrights. I was proud to work with Brian during my cohort's festival. Brian wrote the first draft of Lyla School the spring break of our first year of graduate school, and revised it significantly during our process. I also served in a dramaturgical capacity on this production, and was proud of the workshop that we mounted with just three weeks in our rehearsal process. 

Lyla School tells the story of Ahmed and Mary, friends at an arts-based elementary school who survive an unspeakable tragedy on the schools grounds. The play weaves together moments from their lives as 10 year olds just before the event, and as the 30 year olds who reconnect for its 20th anniversary

photos by Lawrence Peart, Courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin


Allison Gregory
Delanté Keys
Alan Nelson
Kristen Raney

Collaborative Team

Lighting Designer: Rachel Atkinson
Media Designer: Nathan Jackson
Scenic Designer: Patrick W. Lord
Costume Designer: Mercedes O'Bannion
Stage Manager: Allie van Niman

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