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Midsummer 8.jpg
A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare
North Central College | Fall 2019​
About This Production


Working with a team of undergraduate students and pros on this classic was a delight. We chose to look back to Chicago in the 1990s for our setting. Especially producing this play in the Chicago suburbs, we thought about how punks and other misfits looked to the city as their forest/escape/safe haven. Drawing inspiration from Wicker Park and underground party culture, we built a production that was joyful, just a tiny bit gritty, and a love letter to Chicago and its bygone counter-culture.

photos by Brian Redfern

LiSean "Ling Ling" McElrath

Sam Selakovich

Rylie Ann Gendron

Jake Elkins

Ayako Miyauchi

Morgan Scott

Sam Lambert

Kyra Norris

Caleb Swick

Erin Spangler

Shea Hopkins

Ryan Sendef

Stephanie Milroy

Dayne Hennenfent

Haven Denson

Katie Rose Ford

Collaborative Team

Assistant Director: Lindsay Gleason

Stage Manager: Liz Miller

Movement Director: Cynthia Hartigan

Assistant Stage Manager: Dev DiGrazia

Scenic Designer: Brian Redfern

Props Designer & Assistant Scenic Designer: Destany Hahn
Lighting Director: Heather Sparling

Assistant Lighting Designer: Angela Kvitek
Costume Designer: Rachel Sypniewski
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Levin

Assistant Sound Designer: Cayla Werling
Costume Designer: Anna Wooden

Assistant Costume Designer: Danielle James
Technical Director: Dean Gnadinger

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