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No Home for Bees

by Emily Dendinger
20% Theatre Company | Summer 2018

About This Production

Emily and I had been collaborating on the development of this play for several years and were eager to have this opportunity to see the play on its feet. With a whip-smart cast and resources to fully realize a design container for the world, this workshop production allowed us to take the next step in the development of this beautiful, complicated text. 


The play is still looking for its world premiere, and you can read the latest draft on the New Play Exchange.


Jeff Duhigg

Ada Grey

Marsha Harman​

Raymond Hutchison

Cedar Larson

Collaborative Team

Assistant Director: Abby Armato

Dramaturg: Jennifer Sampson

Scenic Design: Kerry Lee Chipman

Lighting Design: Cassandra Kendall

Costume Design: Asha McAllister

Props Masters: Abby Armato & Jennifer Sampson
Stage Manager: Roxie Kooi

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