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North Star

by Georgette Kelly
North Park University | Fall 2018​

About This Production

This workshop production allowed Georgette Kelly and I to see the multiple worlds of her beautiful and timely new play collide for the first time on its feet. With fierce actors from North Park's current and recent alum population, and a crack professional design team, this play about how we create community and the tragedies that disrupt it was intimate, alive, and powerful to bring to life. 


Before each performance, a lobby curtain speech informed our audience the day of the year and the number of mass shooting in America to that date. After the performance, audience members were encouraged to use sticky notes to respond and share their experiences of the production.


Learn more about the play and Georgette on the New Play Exchange

photos by Brandon Wardell


Annamarie Giordano

Cameron Tabb

Carri Stevens

Elsie McConaughey

Faith Furio

Mallory Coakley

Mara Franzen

Noemie El-Bez Sebastien

Rachel Ford

Collaborative Team

Assistant Director: Abby Armato
Lighting Design: Brandon Wardell
Master Electrician: David Goodman Edberg
Assistant Props Master: Emma Butz
Sound Design: Jeffrey Levin
Scenic Design: Jess Wardell
Assistant Master Electrician: Lien Landin
Assistant Stage Manager: Louise Bredal
Co-master Electrician: Michael Joseph
Technical Director: Mike Mellul
Run Crew: Payton Walles
Costume Design: Rachel Sypniewski
Stage Manager: Virginia Smith

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