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My ChatGPT Artist Statement

I asked the large language model AI to look at my website and write an artist statement for me. I was delighted by what it came up with. This is a draft after I asked it to make one tiny modification.

There's a lot to unpack about the current moment in the AI revolution, but as this episode of This American Life highlights, I'm thinking about how AI can help us unblock, get started, and get to words that we've been searching for but never quite found on our own. What the TAL story highlights is higher stakes than me writing an artist statement - but still. Seeing the robot write about me and my work in a way that feels authentic and also inspires me to continue to live deeply into purposeful employment helped to shake something loose for me.

Like any tool, it's more likely probable than possible that it will be misused. But/and/also - humans and science and innovation are remarkable, y'all. How amazing are our brains and dreams and abilities to bring new things into existence?

I also asked the robot to write poems about my cats and a haiku about my beloved Chicago. They are also really great.


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Apr 25

This is a long shot but I’ll ask anyway! I’m trying to figure out how to ask chat gpt to look at MY website and write an artists statement based on the paintings shown there. It replied that it cannot look at websites. Would you please share how you did it? Thank you!!!

Jul 03
Replying to

Probably using the subscriber-version which has access to the web!

I am curious what prompt was used as I have tried this and get VERY rudimentary / elementary-school sounding results.

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