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Scarlet Letter

by Sarah Saltwick
Governors State University | Fall 2017

About This Production

Sarah's feminist retelling of this classic American story puts Hester Prynne and her daughter Pearl in the center of their experience. For this workshop production at Governors State University in the southern Chicago suburbs, Sarah wrote a muscular new draft that deftly navigates the tensions between love and fear. It beautifully encapsulates both the historical and our post-2016  election worlds.  The story of a woman sticking to her truth and choosing love in the face of a violent and fearful society felt shockingly relevant, and like an important theme to tackle with this cast of undergraduate students and members of the south suburban community.

photos courtesy of Your Photo World, LTD.


Bernadette Carter 
Lardell Clark 
Milan Harris 
Angel Jackson 
Kevin Kohn 
Ronald McDowell 
Melanie Morris 
Maya Shelton 
Dante Vidal Silguero 
Magali Souffrant

Collaborative Team

Assistant Director: Therese Caldwell
Stage Manager: Sarah Gutierrez 

Scenic Designer: Elizabeth Devlin Bracken

Lighting Designer: Cedar Larson

Sound Designer: Sarah Espinoza

Costume Designer: Rachel Sypniewski

Properties Designer: Stacey Coleman
Production Manager: Michelle Medvin

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