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Second Skin-7.jpg

Second Skin

by Kristin Idaszak
WildClaw Theatre | Fall 2018​

About This Production

This was the world premiere of this beautiful, lyrical, haunting play, and I was fortunate to have Kristin in the room for the majority of our rehearsals. It was vital to me that we have a femme design and production team, and I'm proud of what our group of fierce femmes accomplished together. 


The structure of this piece gives us room to live with three strong female characters individually before we see them intertwine on stage. Because of this, we were able to customize the rehearsal process for each of our incredible actors. Having that kind of luxurious specificity was a treat - especially getting to do that in collaboration with this team. 

photos by Clark Bender


Stephanie Shum

Paula Ramirez

Hilary Williams

Collaborative Team

Stage Manager: Aaryanna Renee
Dramaturg: Hannah Herrera Greenspan
Scenic Designer: Lizzie Bracken
Casting Director: Moira Begale
Costume Designer: Anna Wooden
Sound Designer: Sarah Espinoza
Make-Up Designer: Krista D’Agostino
Lighting Designer: Kaili Story
Assistant Stage Manager: Cedar Larson
Production Manager: Lila Gilbert

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