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We Are Starstuff

co-created with Sarah Saltwick

Cohen New Works Festival (UT) | Spring 2013

About This Production

The Cohen New Works Festival is unique among academic institutions. Every other year, the University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance suspends regular classes for an entire week and explodes into a flurry of new, student driven and student produced work.

For the 2013 iteration of this festival, I was honored to collaborate with playwright Sarah Saltwick on a piece about the stars, the Voyagers, finding supernovas, and what we as humans are really made of.

We created this piece as a promenade experience that took our audience through all the nooks and crannies of UT's Lab Theatre. We used technology old and new (telescope to slide projector to tiny LED orbs) to create an immersive, interactive journey as a gift for our guests.

photos courtesy of the Cohen New Works Festival


David Dubose
Tasha Gorel
Philip Olson
Alyse Ullery 

Collaborative Team

Stage Manager: Colton Perry
Media/Sound Designer: Toto Miranda
Dramaturg: Dan Rubin

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