The Man Who Was Thursday

by Bilal Dardai
adapted from the novel by G.K. Chesterton
New Leaf Theatre | Fall 2009

About This Production

For this production, the audience's ticket was a badge that resembled those the seven hapless policemen code-named for days of the week receive when they're welcomed onto the force. They were also given a set of rules, designed to prepare them for the promenade adventure that began and ended in our lobby, and asked them to move about the theatre into different configurations as we traveled through the story. 

Inspired by Magritte paintings, industrial metal, and Chuck Taylor All Stars, this production was a joyful, ridiculous, and ultimately poignant reminder of what happens when we let smoke and mirrors distract us from the very real dangers facing us as a society. Written in 2009, it's another example of Bilal's deeply insightful and somehow prescient understanding of our world.

photos by Marni Keenan