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The Man Who Was Thursday

adapted by Bilal Dardai
from a novella by G.K. Chesterton
Lifeline Theatre | Winter 2019​

"Lifeline Theatre has a bonafide hit playing in Rogers Park. Wickedly written by Bilal Dardai, which he faithfully adapted from G.K. Chesterton’s Edwardian metaphysical thriller, and directed with eye-popping creativity and inspired intellect by Jess Hutchinson, this production is a delectable diversion for our times."

Colin Douglas - Chicago Theatre Review

"Director Jess Hutchinson retains tight control over all of the strings in this intentionally over the top piece, wringing some excellent performances out of her ensemble, many of whom play multiple roles, and keeping the pace quick and alive."

Karen Topham - Chicago On Stage

"The Man Who Was Thursday is the rare show that feels like every designer, director, and actor is fully firing on all cylinders, and as a result it is packed with energy, enthusiasm, and fun, while never losing its macabre touch. It is a heightened thrill ride that still rings relevant despite its nostalgia-coated center."

Aaron Lockman - Rescripted

photos by Sarah Scanlon


Eduardo Xavier Curley-Carillo

William Anthony Sebastian Rose II

Cory Hardin

Marsha Harman

Christopher Walsh

Corrbette Pasko

Linsey Falls

Jen Ellison

Allison Cain

Oly Oxinfry

Sonia Goldberg

Collaborative Team

Scenic Design: Lizzie Bracken

Lighting Design: Eric Watkins
Sound Design: Christopher Kriz
Costume Design: Anna Wooden & Caitlin McLeod

Props Designer: Jenny Pinson
Stage Manager: Amanda Beranek

Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Bricker

Fight Director: Greg Poljacik

Production Manager: Jennifer McClendon

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