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by Toni Press-Coffman

New Leaf Theatre | Winter 2009

About This Production

When we realized that the pattern on the floor tiles of our space resembled the night sky, we decided to place the audience up on the stage, looking in on the action of the story. This created a kind of operating theatre in which we watched Kyle dissect the way his life unwound when his wife Zoe went missing. Large stones that our scenic designer Michelle sourced from a riverbed during a family trip to Missouri were the primary scenic element as our minimalist set focused on moving through space and time at the speed of Kyle's thoughts. 

photos by Lindsay Theo


Matthew Gottlieb

Dan Granata
Kristina Johnson
Jacqueline Stone

Collaborative Team

Stage Manager: Amanda Frechette
Asst. Director: Melissa Pryor
Sound Designer: Nick Keenan
Production Manager: Marni Keenan
Lighting Designer: Jared Moore
Scenic Designer: Michelle Lilly
Costume Designer: Rachel Sypniewski

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