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Ask A Director Interview with Hannah Wolf

HOWLROUND Jess & Emily Dendinger's co-written piece about new play submissions

IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS Series written for TheatreJones in Dallas, TX

Selected Press Quotes


"Jess Hutchinson's direction is spot-on." - Colin Douglis | Chicago Theatre Review

"Under Jess Hutchison’s skillful direction, the terrific ensemble tether us to this charming British tale."  - Katy Walsh | The Fourth Walsh

"Jess Hutchinson's direction adds to the script's wit..." - Jerald pierce | Chicago Tribune


"Jess Hutchinson directs with a minimalist approach and a sensitive touch, getting excellent performances from her whole cast..."

Karen Topham | Windy City Times

"Beautifully tooled up by Jess Hutchinson, Promethean Theatre Ensemble’s Chicago premiere captures the perils and possibilities of surrendering to the mindless movement of travel for its own sake." - Lawrence Bommer | Stage and Cinema


"Lifeline Theatre has a bonafide hit playing in Rogers Park. Wickedly written by Bilal Dardai, which he faithfully adapted from G.K. Chesterton’s Edwardian metaphysical thriller, and directed with eye-popping creativity and inspired intellect by Jess Hutchinson, this production is a delectable diversion for our times." - Colin Douglas | Chicago Theatre Review


"Director Jess Hutchinson retains tight control over all of the strings in this intentionally over the top piece, wringing some excellent performances out of her ensemble, many of whom play multiple roles, and keeping the pace quick and alive."

Karen Topham | Chicago on stage


"The Man Who Was Thursday is the rare show that feels like every designer, director, and actor is fully firing on all cylinders, and as a result it is packed with energy, enthusiasm, and fun, while never losing its macabre touch. It is a heightened thrill ride that still rings relevant despite its nostalgia-coated center." - Aaron Lockman | Rescripted


"...As tight as the writing is, it's the director, Jess Hutchinson, and her three-person cast who make the show. Each actor knows how to turn the screw a little tighter, and a little tighter still, until by the end we hang on the last storyteller's every word. Long after this ghost story was finished, I was haunted by it."  - Jack Helbig | Chicago Reader


"This was a total team effort, but the responsibility rests with the director, and Hutchinson makes excellent decisions about stage use and pacing while getting stellar performances from her actors."  - Karen Topham | Chicago On Stage

Tender Rough Rough Tender

"Hutchinson sprinkles the piece with sensuality, ritual, movement, and experimentation that complements Saltwick's already gorgeous wordsmithing." - Shanon Weaver | Austin Chronicle


"People who would like the show are people that like poetry, math, and embracing meat. Arcadia feels like you are actually time-traveling. When you feel like you are time-traveling, it is because you have a good director and good actors. People should go see this show because it is fun, makes you want to learn more things, and is bittersweet." - Ada Grey | Ada Grey Reviews for You

"FOUR STARS... Jessica Hutchinson’s handsome, well-paced production deftly lays out the dual time lines, with stellar work by a pitch-perfect ensemble keeping the plot—unlike the universe—from succumbing to entropy." - Kris Vire | Time Out Chicago

" Under the expert direction of Jessica Hutchison, past and present intermingle with subtle fluidity and heightened absurdity. Hutchison makes the 19th century cast elegantly droll while the modern-day ensemble go full-on snarky. The contrast engages and amuses." 

- Katy Walsh | Chicago Theater Beat

"...a beguiling production under Jessica Hutchinson's direction with New Leaf Theatre." - Kerry Reid | Chicago Tribune


"FOUR STARS... Director Jessica Hutchinson moves the action with a skilled hand, highlighting the big moments while giving the in-betweens a playfulness that Harman and Evans take full advantage of." - Ryan Dolley | Time Out Chicago

"Not a moment feels false in this New Leaf Theatre production…" - Zac Thompson | Chicago Reader

"RECOMMENDED... If ever there was a show in the right performance space, this is it." - Zach Freeman | New City

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